Finnu is built by thinking about merchants first

At Finnu, we are always thinking of our customers first

This is why we are fully digital and smartphone based and can reach people far beyond the scope of brick and mortar businesses. Check out how Finnu works


Easy and simple

We use alternative and transactional data points to deliver affordable and flexible credit to merchants, and, ultimately, empower them to grow

Leave pen and paper behind, record business transactions digitally and scale your activity in a few clicks

How Finnu works

#1 Download the Finnu app

Use your Android phone to download our app from the Google Play store. Once installed, register using your phone number and start selling right away!

#2 Finance your activity

We know that liquidity is key for your business, hence, we give you access to this liquidity day 1. Selling with Finnu will enable you to get access to bigger credit lines and better rates

#3 Receive the loan amount

Once you accept the loan offer, we will immediately transfer the loan amount to your bank account

#4 Repay the loan amount

Within our mobile application, go to the payments section. Make your payment with your bank card. Very soon we will have other methods for you to choose what suits you best

Finnu offers a lot of benefits

With Finnu, managing and financing your business couldn’t be easier. Here is what users love about Finnu.

No flat fees or hidden commissions

Finnu is 100% free, we only charge a small percentage of your sales when you make money

The fuel you need to grow your business

The more you sell, the more capital you get in order to keep growing

Fully digital and easy to use

Finnu is 100% smartphone-based, avoids paperwork and helps you keep track of your business performance

We have your back so you can grow your business

Keeping track of your business can be hard. We send you reminders to collect or pay money you owe, provide daily sales overviews and make sure you can focus on what really matters


At Finnu, we believe that transparency and simplicity makes everyone’s life easier. That’s why we don’t use any complex or technical words and are straightforward with our fees - we only charge interest rates

Loan amounts





Monthly interest rates

3% – 15%

Equivalent APR

36% – 435%

Loan terms

91 - 120 days


Your data remains your data

The data you share with us is fully encrypted and remains your data - we never sell it to third parties. Guaranteeing your privacy is as important to us as providing you the best experience possible. We are working 24/7 to make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything.